Great Keppel Island

Keppel Island

The day of her funeral I saw a white crow and I knew she had crossed over.When I didn’t buy the radishes i knew it would happen. And in a way I wanted the suffering to end. Death is the ultimate surrender.As I crack eggs, I remember the sound and how many times I’ve heard […]

In this body


This body knows scars and wounds. This body is soft and hard when it needs to be. This body doesn’t carry generational pain, only one’s own pain and the stories it has accumulated through the years.   On this body, there are appendix scars on my stomach, long lost kisses from lovers that were too […]


Paramedics blare their sirens violently through the inner suburbs of the city, No one turns back to see what or who theyve missed out on here and it’s interesting how places that once nurtured happy gatherings now just feel like distant memories He’s on a self-discovery bender but the only person he’s running from is […]

Gemini woman

Gemini woman, With your brave heart, your stern look and your coy smile. They can only wonder how many places you’ve seen, the people you’ve been with and become Always got a story to tell, you’d be at a loss if she bid you farewell. Men beg at her feet but she sends them away […]

Frost on my windshield

There is frost on my windshield of our 1984 Mercedes. It was quite a popular car at the time. It’s mustard and there is a divider in between the seats my brother and I used to ride and call “horsey!” It is 1997 and I am four; adorable with bangs. My Christmas present that year […]

Shadows and silhouettes

Shadows and silhouettes, Dance under the midnight sky. Inanimate objects that bind you together And with that object you leave him behind. Moments of weakness in the darkest of hours, Lovers that have turned you sour. Unfulfilled childhood instability, Numbing is familiar but doesn’t last long you see You feel the music in your body; […]

Drugged up and fluey

Drugged up and fluey,I’ve been wearing the sweatpants for ten days, My mind is in a haze, foggy, confusion I’ve been out of action and I feel like I’m losin’. I’m disconnected from my instrument and I’m questioning what the next thing is and how to proceed, Cause all the fire signs in me are […]