Gemini woman

Gemini woman,

With your brave heart, your stern look and your coy smile.

They can only wonder how many places you’ve seen, the people you’ve been with and become

Always got a story to tell, you’d be at a loss if she bid you farewell.

Men beg at her feet but she sends them away one by one.

And when they try to break her spirit, she gets up again. She can not be tamed.

She’ll look you in the eye, and she’s far from shy.

She’ll lend you a hand, even when you don’t understand.

She’ll break you down, make a joke and say something profound.

Gemini woman, she is two sides of a coin.

She is heaven and she is hell. She is love and she is hate.

She is fickle but she’s strong. She’s perfectly vulnerable and she is me.

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