Something new is coming

Something new is coming. Late May poem sounds like:

“You take in a whiff of lavender knowing that you are settling into a long winter
The blood is drawn from your face and
With grief comes acceptance and comfort And an itching to do more and less
Cigarette smoke and familiar faces
The wrong people in the right places, the right people in the wrong places  Young couples on first dates
Friends that live across the train track
Shady characters that don’t have your back
Legs that need to stretch and feet that long to move
Are we drawn to certain energies we can’t soothe?
You didn’t get it right the first time but you weren’t wrong
And every day you get closer even when you don’t feel strong
He was honest until he needed to be
And if I invest my energy, will he really  love me?
He believes he can think his way out of feeling
Intellectualise what he’s concealing
Like the people he’s emulating, so quick to conform
And i am torn, when “politically correct” restricts what I have to say and where i was born
Eastern European nonfuckery
Your dreams are starting to feel like a reality
Because the world doesn’t owe you any favours
And you work hard for your labours
Watering the crops so that they will grow
Becoming the woman people want to know.”