June poem sounds like

June poem sounds like:

“Your body is sick and frail
You’ve been bed ridden for nearly seven  days
Music is your closest friend
And reruns of Sex & the City follow closely behind
Your sturdy boots keep you grounded
When your to do list lurks in the back of your mind
Long distances away from home
Thinking of running before you’ve grown
People with places to be
Boys who aren’t all they’ve cracked up to be
Roadworks to shake things up
Smell of shisha to remind you where you are
False advertising of what we are meant to be and how my breasts will never compare to hers
Because sexy isn’t a way of being but a way of looking and
I’m sick of looking….Outside myself
Because all the self help books in the world will not “help” me love myself, unless I believe it

Vulnerability flares and outward stares
People your age who can’t look you in the eye
Searching for happiness is a new age lie
You see people at the next stage of your life and wonder how you’ll get there
You’ve had no example of a happy family
And now you  build your own foundation with new resources , with few resources
Smiling at strangers to restore your energy, loving unconditionally and I will never be a quitter despite all of those who have quit on me
fear of failure, fear of success, fear of boredom, fear I won’t achieve all I want,
But really the fear of no fear at all.”