January poem sounds like

First poem of the year sounds like:

“You’ve got that old familiar feeling creeping under your skin
The newness is subsiding and the fear
Is wearing in.
He says he’s doing it for the best
You wonder if it’s just another test
You’ve heard these very words before,
Another philosophy to hide behind ,
Forlorn feelings and unsaid lines.. To keep you at a distance for a time.
Don’t touch my body and neglect my mind,
Don’t say everything will be just fine.
Don’t compare me to her, or you to him, or him to her.
We carry what we left behind, hoping we will mend in time.
And every time we try again, we break a little more again. But if we didnt ever break, we’d never see the inner cracks and crevices, where we start and where we  end. And I don’t want to pretend, that I’d too rather be alone then start to break again.”