February poem sounds like

February poem sounds like:

“Pastel green home and a red rose bush
The empty tram passes you by
As flickers of dust rise to the earths surface
You walk to work knowing that the summer you loved is ending
And the people go back to their daily grind.
You don’t belong to the 9 to 5
Its not where you feel the most alive
Youve worked for everything you own
But you still cant see how much youve grown
You didnt choose your family life
The trying times that caused you strife
And tough is not a choice but an armour
You built with years of resilience
He wants to know you but he doesn’t even know himself
And you seek love in all the wrong places
When the only person you should seek it from is yourself
The night time is the hardest when youre alone with your thoughts and hes inhaling the words from an open book
Once again youve confused art with understanding,
And art alone is not enough.”